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Inverted Bob with a fitted nape.

In the HSM Advanced lesson, I will take you step by step through the inverted bob with a tight, fitted nape area using HSM.  This is truly one of the hardest haircut request we get behind the chair. In this lesson, I will share with you all the tricks, I wish I had know many years ago.

Offer for Certified Stylists $34.99

Offer for all stylists $39.9920% off until 10/14/2020

Dealing with growth patterns.

Some of our clients growth patterns can leave us mystified and thinking “what do I do with this?”. In this mini-course we will break it down and learn how to deal with this common challenge.

Offer for Certified Stylists | $34.99

Offer for students who have completed the online training | $39.99

Dealing with growth patterns.
Where holes in the hair come from and what to do about it!

Where holes in the hair come from & What to do about it!

Cutting hair the way we were taught in cosmetology school can sometimes leave you with holes in the hair. If you want to learn all about why this happens and what to do about it, this mini course is perfect for you! Learn how to avoid this by using the Head Shape Matters cutting system and never run into this issue again.

Offer for previous HSM students | $19.99

The Front Quadrant.

This class is designed specifically for those who have already taken the HSM online training course or HSM Certification training. In the class, we will work through 5 different types of bangs. The lessons include a shag bang, blunt bangs, full bangs on a short cut, curtain bangs, and a no bang fringe!  With each lesson, we focus on different ideas as well. One lesson is HSM in it’s simplest form and another is the full step by step. No matter your questions about the front quadrant, this should answer it all.

Offer for previous HSM students | $49.99 

The Front Quadrant