5 days/ 8 hours a day cutting and learning from the creator and team of educators at Head Shape Matters-Tampa. I have learned Pivot Point, studied at Sassoon, Llongueras in Barcelona, and Martin Parsons in Toronto. This is hands down the BEST cutting system created! I’m privileged to have attended and completed the class! Great job everyone and thank you educators!

Head Shape Matters has elevated my cutting skills and opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at shapes with haircuts. It has given me knowledge, confidence, consistency, and power to know what I can, and can not do, with haircutting, based on the shape of the head. I am able to speak to my clients and give them the WHY’s on things about what their hair did, does, or used to do, before cutting their hair with hsm. I can also speak with them about what shapes we can give them with their specific hair and head Shape.hsm has changed my career and life!

Head Shape Matters has completely transformed my career! My clients have never been happier with their haircuts. HSM has given me the answers to questions that no other class could give me!

After 25 years of cutting hair and going to endless classes, The Head Shape Matters System gave me the answers I was looking for.

From the very first moment I was learning to cut hair in beauty school I knew that something was missing. I finally found what that was 25 years later when I learned Head Shape Matters. Now I can confidently do any cut with out wondering if it will work out how I imagined in my head. Not only that, I can do that same cut every time my clients visit me.

I cannot begin to describe what this class has done for my skill set. I’ve been looking for a class like this for years to no avail. Kudos Kim on an exceptional system to actually “teach haircutting!”

Kim Weaver Moore has built an amazing team to bring her brilliant ideas to life. Head Shape Matters is for ALL experience levels and everyone can and will see a difference in their cutting sills.

Finally!!!! Someone who puts a voice AND a REASON for every thought, question, and frustration I've had behind the chair. I love her teaching style and her passion for solving the problems we all have struggled with. I highly recommend these classes for every hairdresser!