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why the exact same hair cut can look so different on different clients

Keep reading to discover why kim moore developed a science based patented process that will give you total mastery in hair cutting...

History & Achievements

  • Haircutting/Styling Aveda Purefessional for 7 years
  • Aveda Guest Artist 3 years
  • Premiere Orlando Educator 2014, 2015
  • Featured Educator for ShopModernSalon.com
  • Aveda Show team @ New York Fashion Week for 6 seasons
  • Featured Guest on Talented Icons of the Beauty Industry
  • Featured Guest on American Hope Radio
  • Featured Guest on the Revival Web Summit
  • Awarded a Patent for Head Shape Matters cutting system
  • Featured in Professional Beauty Magazine
  • Featured in INC.com
  • Featured in The Expert Called You
  • Featured on Beyond The technique Podcast


  • You will become a true master in haircutting.
  • Your confidence will increase expediently!
  • When a client shows you a photo, you will know exactly how to recreate it!
  • Each time your client returns, you will deliver consistency!
  • You will know exactly what that client’s hair will or will not do before you cut.
  • Your client will be able to style their hair with much less effort because the shape is in the hair and not in your styling abilities.

The PATENTED Head Shape Matters Cutting System

“I love having a formula… I know I can deliver now and not just hope for the best! Game changer.”

Head Shape Matters Masterclass

The Science-Backed System That Gives You a Road Map To Customize Each Cut For Each Client’s Unique Head Shape So You Can Consistently Create Beautiful Accurate Haircuts From Any Inspiration Photo

Join us on the Head Shape Matters Masterclass online training; the step-by-step system I have taught to over 5,000 enlightened hairstylists just like you, from around the world.

Here's How It Works, you'll have:

To make it easy for you to follow along. The lessons are available to you immediately upon registration.You’ll watch the lesson and follow the step-by-step guides to start creating your own stunning cuts.

Then, once you share your work with our amazing team of Educators, you’ll move on to the next lesson. You can work at your own pace — as fast as you want!

There is a question and answer template for each module – great for cementing everything you’re learning in the videos.

Share with your fellow masterclass participants in a safe supportive space on our private Facebook forum.

Get feed back on your assignments, and answers all your questions!

You’ll be part of a community of passionate hair-cutters who are committed to mastering skills with our career-changing education, and we’ll be guiding you and cheering you on every step of the way!

We will cover the Head Shape Matter hair-cutting system end-to-end with in depth analysis of the HSM patented techniques!

You have 12 full weeks to complete the course. You do have the option to extend your time with the Education Team  for an additional fee. You can extend your class for 2 weeks for only $59.00 or 4 weeks for $99.00. Once you have completed the course, you will gain lifetime access to all of the training videos.

 We know you have a busy schedule so we’ve designed this program to give you the freedom and flexibility to fit your learning around work and your other commitments. You can watch the lesson, complete the assignments and share at any time during the week.

We recommend you allow a couple of hours per week to get the most from the Head Shape Matters course.


How often is the starting point of a client haircut an inspiration picture, or even vague hand gestures? Most times, right? And it can be challenging to confidently know if it will work out for your client.

To be a true master in haircutting it’s critical that you know how to quickly and accurately decode an inspiration picture or hairstyle description into a proven roadmap to recreate the haircut your client wants.

Once you’ve got your roadmap to recreate the cut your client wants the next step is to start the haircut.

Starting it the right way means you never have to worry about ending up in a salvage-situation, trying to correct a haircut that didn’t turn out as you thought it would.

In this module we’re laying the groundwork for great haircuts every time: how to cut your design line and guideline, and mastering quadrants the Head Shape Matters way.

Even once you’ve got your design line, line and perimeter length figured out, if you’re not careful you can still lose your way during in the haircut and end up with disappointing results. So how can you avoid this happening? Simply by breaking the style down further…

In this module we’re digging deeper into creating your haircut roadmap with my step-by-step measuring method, and my patented formula to make the math a breeze.

When I was learning to cut hair I was taught four angles, measured in relation to the floor. But when I created Head Shape Matters I realized the only logical way to find angles is from the shape of your client’s head. It’s 100% common sense, because every head shape is different, right?!

In this module we’re getting super comfortable with cutting angles and measurements, and how the head shape informs your haircut from the moment your shears meet the hair (once you see my eye-opening demonstration you’ll be excited to have this method guiding each and every haircut you do).

By this stage you’ll be rocking out your angles and measurements, and applying it to your Head Shape Matters practice cuts. And now it’s time to add in the final piece of the equation… head shape.

Just like a fingerprint, every client has their own unique head shape. And once you discover how to decode it you’ll have all the information you need to apply this system successfully every time you pick up your shears.

In this module we’re defining head shapes and how to adjust your cutting angles based on your client’s individual head shape to get the best results. Mastering this is the secret to consistently successful haircuts… and clients who love you.

The Head Shape Matters system allows you to create any inspiration haircut your clients bring you, and to really cement your learning we’re diving deep into two key long hairstyles.

In this module we’re creating balanced flawless long layers, and I’m revealing my tips for the perfect inverted bob.

Give yourself a huge high five… you’re on the final straight of becoming a true master of the haircutting profession with Head Shape Matters!

In this final module we’re bringing everything together with a detailed walk through of doing a haircut the Head Shape Matters way. Plus we’re digging deep into short haircuts – how to do them quickly and achieve beautiful shapes.

What supplies will I need to take this course?

My friends at Giell Beauty have created an amazing deal for everyone participating in the Online Training Course. We will not need the mannequin until week 2, so there is plenty of time to order. They are great about quick shipping!

  • Clamp or a tripod for your mannequin head
  • Long, one length, human hair mannequin
  • Measuring tape ( the kind used by Tailors, not carpenters)
  • Protractor (school supply aisle)
  • At least 7 sectioning clips (no butterfly clips)
  • Comb with inch measurements on it
  • Short hairstyle magazine
  • Access to a printer. Each week, you will have written assignments and/or handouts to print
  • Optional: a binder with 7 tabs, to keep your lessons and assignments in
  • Phone with video capabilities is a huge plus
  • Sabrina 100% Human Hair Mannequin Head with Dark Blonde Hair
  • Deluxe Extendable Mannequin Holding Clamp
  • Hair Cutting Comb with inch measurements
  • Pack of 12 Duck Bill Clips

If you need course materials

If you already have the items listed, GREAT!

If you register on their website as a licensed cosmetologist you can get the kit for only $90.63 PLUS you can get an additional 5% off of that by using the HSM code in the discount code box.. OR if you would rather have a tripod instead of a clamp, you can get that for $126.63, only $36.00 more. THAT IS A GREAT DEAL!

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Full Payment

$ 399
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$ 150
  • Deposit + 2 recurring payments of $150.00 each

You have 12 full weeks to complete the course. You do have the option to extend your time with the Education Team  for an additional fee. You can extend your class for 2 weeks for only $59.00 or 4 weeks for $99.00. Once you have completed the course, you will gain lifetime access to all of the training videos.

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