Online Study Group:
The Math and Science of Haircutting

Join us as we dive deep into all aspects of hair cutting. As an online group, we will study “The Math and Science of Haircutting” Textbook. With corresponding videos for each chapter.

Cozy up and work through the book at your own pace.

Watch the corresponding videos as much as you like.

Then, join us online as we study haircutting TOGETHER.

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This online Study Group will take you Chapter by Chapter through “The Math and Science of Haircutting” Textbook.

Throughout the book, I correlate each chapter with a function of a GPS because it is something most of us use daily. It’s familiar. As you will see, this system will help you navigate ANY haircut. The route we choose to get us from Point A to Point B is dependent on several factors — the head shape, the length of hair and the hair density.

You will learn that there is always a starting point, a destination, and a VERY CLEAR route to get you there.

In each Chapter you will find a list of the tools needed to complete your assignments. You will also find an overview, a detailed description of how to perform the tasks presented, and a practice segment. Next, you will be provided a fun activity that will help solidify the information learned.

Each Chapter has a corresponding video lesson. The videos show you exactly how to preform the “Practice” segment found in each chapter. These videos feature both mannequins and live models.

You will also be invited to a private Facebook page for those in the study group. Each Chapter will have a dedicated “thread” where you can post pictures of your assignments, ask questions, share your victories & defeats with the group. It’s SO HELPFUL to see each other’s work and experiences. 

Feel free to work through the book at your own pace. You can watch the video lessons as often as you like.

Once you have completed this book study, you will have a deep understanding of haircutting. You will have a complete system, that you can apply to create ANY HAIRCUT. The confidence you feel behind the chair will soar; KNOWLEDGE is POWER!

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