HEad shape matters:
The math and science of haircutting

In each chapter, you will find a list of the tools needed to complete your assignments. You will also find an overview, a detailed description of how to perform the tasks presented, and a practice segment. Next, you will be provided a fun activity that will help solidify the information learned. After a brief summary, you will be asked a question.

In this “What do you think” segment you may be asked something that you don’t have the correct answer to… YET. The purpose of this segment is to engage the creative part of our brain and to think ahead. There are no right or wrong answers, only what you THINK.

This is YOUR book. I encourage you to write notes and jot down questions and thoughts in it. I hope you enjoy learning about the math and science of haircutting as much as I do.

Instructions are written detailed, bite-sized segments. There are over 500 color photos and graphics to help the learner visualize each concept described.

I have also included bits of information throughout the book, that I have never shared before. I am excited to pour out my 30 years of experience, in book form.

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