Head Shape Matters

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"Long Layering "

Do you ever feel like there has to be a BETTER way to cut hair?


Welcome to Head Shape Matters,The Patented Cutting Method. HSM will give you a road map to customize each cut for each client's unique head shape.

The few challenges that seem to haunt most of us as hairstylist..

Even when we we take our time and do everything “right” it can still not look right. I don’t know about you but these are the things that drove me crazy…

  • How side parts can make layers appear unbalanced. Heavy and short on one side and NO layers on the other.
  • What to do about super heavy weight line on top without needing to break a sweat and texturize the #@%& out of everything and take forever!
  • Where did that hole come from?
  • HAVING to texturize because you don’t know how else to make things blend.
  • Blending the hair but the layers STILL look choppy!
  • Having to cut it shorter than the client wanted because the ends look too thin.
  • How to layer bangs effectively and remove heaviness.

Once I actually sat down and started researching these common challenges, it’s like a veil was lifted!

There IS an explanation! Once I understood WHY these things happened, I was able to create a system of cutting to overcome them.

And so the patented Head Shape Matters haircutting system was born, and I’ve shared its career-changing benefits with over 5,000 hairstylists from around the world…just like you. No more crossing my fingers and offering up prayers to the hair gods!

This foolproof system enables you to consistently create beautiful, accurate haircuts, based on your client’s own unique head shape, and taking into account their individual hair density, growth patterns and hairline.

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