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Mary Beth Berns
HSM Certification & One Day Classes

Mary Beth Berns is the co-owner of Craig Berns Salon Spa, a Delafield WI award winning salon and day spa. The Lake Country area knows Mary Beth Berns as the author of "The Beauty Beat", a beauty column in 30West Magazine.

As a haircutting specialist, in-salon educator and stylist, Mary Beth's passion for haircutting and education has kept her booked behind the chair as well as teaching. Judy Petry, a well-known area hairstylist and fellow instructor, refers to her as "an effective and caring Hairdresser and Cosmetology Instructor."

Mary Beth, is a dedicated community supporter, has led Craig Berns Salon Spa in many community initiatives, as well as supporting area non-profits. Under Mary Beth's leadership, Craig Berns Salon Spa leads in HeadMapping, RedChocolate, Hair Color Magic and continuing Head Shape Matters certification.

Vanessa Bangle
HSM Certification & One Day Classes

Vanessa Bangle became a part of the Craig Berns Salon Spa family located in Delafield WI in 2010 before graduating from the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness for Cosmetology in 2011.

She shadowed and trained with Craig and Mary Beth Berns who pride themselves on technique and understanding how to create a customized look for their guest.

Having great mentors that expressed interest In Kim Weaver Moore creator of Head Shape Matters Vanessa wanted to understand and become educated on how to create beautiful custom looks for her guest.

So over several years she worked on becoming a stronger stylist taking multiple color and cutting classes such as Hair Color Magic and Head Shape Matters 1 day class and Kim’s webinar.

In February 2015 Vanessa became a Certified Head Shape Matters Haircutter and has loved the customized looks she has been able to create for her guests that were struggling with their haircuts previously.

Having great success Vanessa decided to return to Atlanta and become a Head Shape Matters Educator so she can share this education that gives your guest a tailored and customized haircut. Giving them the best haircut ever because of Head Shape Matters!!

Kathy Darby
HSM Certification & One Day Classes

Hello, I’ m Kathy Darby from Haverhill MA. I am a Hairstylist of 35 years and a salon owner for 32 years. I love our industry. Life behind the chair changed for me when I discovered HSM. I believe this is the most comprehensive system to date. Kim Moore brings science, intelligence and artistry together in one. This system will elevate our industry and change the way we approach haircutting.

I first took the online class in February of 2016, matriculated into the 5-day certification class in June. October of 2016 I proudly joined the HSM team as an Educator. My rolls as “Coach” for HSM is defined by working with a dynamic team of Educators to help students with varying learning styles reach their goal of certification.

As a salon owner and educator, I believe education is an integral part of our growth both personally and professionally. Head Shape Matters offers each student an opportunity to advance their cutting skills and grow their business exponentially. I am excited to work with students who want to share the vision and passion for our industry through HSM.

Amy Spaho
HSM Certification & One Day Classes

Amy started her career as a hairstylist in 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has always had a passion for haircutting and became certified in Head Shape Matters in October of 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. She takes great pride in her knowledge of HSM and truly believes every stylist would benefit greatly from learning HSM.

She has a passion for education and is so excited to be a part of such a revolutionary haircutting system. In addition to working as an educator for HSM Certifications, one-day classes and the online course, she is a haircutting specialist at Salon Rex in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

“I have been fortunate enough to not only learn the techniques of Head Shape Matters from Amy as an educator, but also to work along side of her using those techniques every day in the salon. I’ve watched her put her time and heart into planning her classes.

As a certified HSM stylist, I can say that it can be a difficult system to understand in the beginning. If it weren’t for Amy’s guidance and patience, I don’t know that I would have gotten through it. Amy is one of the most dedicated and hard working people I have had the privilege to work with. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is as an educator and as a stylist.” –Shannon Nord

Claire McPherson
HSM Certification & One Day Classes

Overall my mission is to create effortless and healthy hairstyles for the public while encouraging them to care for themselves and their environment. I am deeply passionate about continuing education and travel frequently throughout the year, expanding my knowledge to bring back to my client base in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My current credentials include Head Shape Matters in Atlanta, Natural Beaded Rows in Huntington Beach, blonding techniques at Di Pietro Todd in San Francisco, Lacie Wehrle's balayage class in Philadelphia, color trends at the Aveda Academy in Soho, the ABC's of cutting at the Vidal Sassoon academy in Miami as well as working locally on projects with Pittsburgh Today Live and The Pittsburgh Film Office.

I found HSM the summer of 2015 and attended a one day class with Kim. I was so moved by the class and made the decision to become certified in Atlanta in February of 2016. I immediately started down a path to educate for Kim and have attending every single certification since being certified myself.

I am a very analytical person and the fact that HSM is a system rooted in algebra, geometry and physics fascinates me. Math is absolute. I always use the same analogy when explaining the system to other hairdressers and clients as well; if you gave 10 long distance runners the same pair of shoes, would they all perform the same? The answer is no.

Some people have a high arch, some low. Some wide, some narrow. Why do we cut layers the same on everyone and expect them to turn out the same knowing we all have different head shapes? My mind was blown and after 3 years of working with the system, I am still astounded every single day behind the chair.

I am incredibly passionate about educating other hairdressers on this system. HSM is broken down in such a way that makes it easy for everyone to comprehend and understand. I cannot wait to meet you and assist you in your journey to better hair cuts! A few fun facts about me to leave you with; when I’m not doing hair, I’m practicing as well as teaching hot yoga. I am an avid reader and a sucker for psych thrillers. I am engaged to my German fiancé and hoping our visa is approved by the summer of 2019. Looking forward to visiting a city near you!

Wendy Haverlack
HSM Certification & One Day Classes

Wendy Haverlack became a stylist in 1985. She opened Changes Salon, Inc. in 1996 in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Head shape matters certified in February 2016, she saw something that was bigger than herself And wanted to help complete the mission of bringing it to the masses! Now as a lead educator for the company, she continues to strive to learn and educate others more effectively!

She resides in Hiram Township, Ohio with Her husband Frank. She has two grown children and four granddaughters.

Desirae Malaczynski

Desirae Malaczynski began her career at Craig Berns Salon Spa as a stylist in 2010. From early on Desirae has always had a passion for fashion and keeping up with the latest trends.

She graduated from The Aveda Insitute of Beauty and Wellness, and continued growing and learning through precision haircutters, Craig and Mary Beth Berns. Desirae first sparked interest in Head Shape Matters after attending a one-day course when Kim Moore first introduced her haircutting system.

Desirae was fascinated by discovering how head shapes truly do effect how hair falls in creating specific shapes. She went onto attend Kim's five-day course in Atlanta (Oct. 2015) and received certification as an HSM Haircutter.

She was very impressed with the improvements of her haircuts and ease of styling after implementing the system. In February 2016, she became a certified HSM Educator. She is thrilled to share her knowledge and passion with both stylists and guests. This is a haircutting revolution!

Vicki Black

Vicki Black was raised in Phoenix, Arizona with over 37 years of experience as a hairstylist, with an expertise in curly hair. Vicki is passionate about all aspects of hair and hair-styling. In 2016 Vicki was Certified by Head Shape Matters. Since then Vicki has continued to be active with Head Shape Matters as an online educator and co-lead in the Hands-on Certification program.

For Vicki, Head Shape Matters is not just about teaching, it is about sharing it and helping her peers understand the Patented techniques available to them to become a master of their craft.

Testimonial - “Vicki Black’s teaching style has helped me become a better coach and educator. She can remain calm under pressure and shares her knowledge of HSM in a way that all students can understand. She is always available to help her students, patient and professional. Her students are also lucky to have access to her amazing “Vickster’s Tips & Tricks” while learning Head Shape Matters! Thanks Vicki for sharing so much helpful information with us during our week at Las Vegas Certification.” - Marjorie Heathcoat, HSM Educator

Aminah L. Lawson
HSM One Day Classes

Aminah L. Lawson is the owner and developer of Crie Natural: Hair & Body products and the owner and lead stylist of Salon Crie: A textured Hair Studio located in the "Cultural District" of Greensboro, NC. Aminah has over 16 years in the beauty industry as a licensed with over 10 years experience as a Textured Hair Specialist. Aminah is most known as a blow dry and hair cut specialist in her area and her passion for the beauty industry has lead her to educate for Head Shape Matters and Blown away today a blow dry training company; along with offering in salon Crie Natural Product knowledge trainings to surrounding areas.

Aminah became certified with Head shape Matter in June 2016 and after working with the system for a year, she began her journey as an educator with the company. Her love for the industry is what pushes her to educate. "I love this industry, and I've gotten so much from it. It's my duty to give back to it and Head Shape Matters has given me a way to do that" says Aminah. Currently Aminah has the role of Coach and "One Day" class instructor for Head Shape Matters.

Annette Durkin
HSM One Day Classes

Hello and welcome to Head Shape Matters. My name is Annette and I have been a stylist since 2005. In my first life, I was a high school math teacher. I then decided to pursue my passion for hair. The first time I was exposed to HSM I thought “OMG! This makes total sense.”

I knew then I had to invest in the class. I first completed the HSM Online Course in 2016 and went on to become Certified in 2017. The combination of hairstylist and math teacher has allowed me the opportunity to not only become an educator for Head Shape Matters, but to also be involved with curriculum development. I am excited to assist you in your HSM journey.

Testimonial - “I had the wonderful opportunity to take the hands on HSM class this last October. My instructor was Annette. I can’t say enough about her commitment to seeing myself and hte other in our group pass the class. Her patience and knowledge is outstanding. HSM is definitely a professional game changer and Annette is one of the fabulous instructors that can help to get you on your way. This class was the best thing I have ever done for myself professionally. Go and see what Kim Moore’s haircutting system can do for you!” - Cecelia Junk (Certified HSM Stylist)

Ryann Barnum

My name is Ryann Barnum and I live currently in the Richmond, VA area. I have been a licensed stylist since 2000, graduating from The Paul Mitchell School. Throughout the years I have worked in various PM and Aveda salons and also became a PM educator. In 2012 I left the salon world and started my own mobile business. I’m in my 6th successful year of that and I use HSM exclusively!

I first was introduced to Head Shape Matters in 2014. I met Kim and attended a local class she was holding. I was blown away at the HSM concept and made up my mind to follow Kim and learn more about this system! I haven’t looked back!I became certified in 2015 and I LOVE cutting with HSM! I have been an educator for Head Shape Matters since Feb. 2017 and I feel so lucky to be able to teach others something that I’m so passion about. I use HSM 100% of the time. My cutting become faster and I cut with more ease and confidence then I EVER had before!

I love the simplicity of just knowing it will work and knowing the steps to take. My goal as an educator is to help make you as amazing and confident and passionate about your skill as you deserve!

Sarah Hubach

Sarah became a hairstylist in 2001 in St. Louis Missouri, and has now spent more than half of her career in Texas. Since 2013, she has enjoyed being self employed at a salon suite in the Dallas area. Wanting to expand her knowledge of haircutting in 2016, Sarah participated in the Head Shape Matters Online Training.

She then went on to become HSM Certified in February of 2017 because not only had HSM reignited her passion, it had opened her mind to the “whys” of haircutting. Sarah returned to Certification to become an educator and since has enjoyed being part of the amazing educator team, for both online and hands-on training.

She has continued to perfect her haircutting skills and grow as a stylist and educator with each HSM certification. She loves that HSM has helped her be more confident and mindful behind the chair. Sarah is excited to have the opportunity to share this revolutionary hair cutting method with other stylists.

Nicole Sand-Stelzer

Hi I’m Nicole Stelzer, I’ve been the owner and in salon educator of Rose Colored Glasses Salon since 2009. In January 2016 I was Googling images that would help me explain to my team how I cut a classic bob haircut at 0 degrees from the plane of the head, (of course I didn’t have that language back then, hence the struggle to explain it). I stumbled onto some HSM images that resembled some of the mess that was in my head and I had to know more. I researched Kim on Youtube but it wasn’t enough.

That week I saw a post for an HSM one day class at Craig Berns Salon ( God does not whisper). I enrolled. The class was emotionally exhausting. It was confusing, enlightening, exciting, scary, and it was all of those things, all at once. It challenged everything I had ever learned about cutting hair in the past 20+ years. Mary Beth Berns’ introduction to HSM and how it affected her ability to teach her team spoke directly to my ❤.

After that class, my eyes were opened and there was no turning back. I enrolled in the online class in 2016 and eventually attended certification in 2017. I’ve educated for several companies throughout my career and always considered those opportunities a blessing. Head Shape Matters however, is not just another opportunity to educate. It’s not an industry fad or “the next big thing.”

It’s “the only thing”. It has totally transformed my art, my career as a stylist and my ability to educate. HSM has given me a crazy amount of passion and confidence and I’m excited to share it with you.

Testimonial - “I've had the immense pleasure of working for and alongside Nicole for the past 10 years. She is my boss, my mentor, my friend, and my biggest fan! What most inspires me about Nicole is her passion for "purposeful practice" and her drive to actively seek out the "next best thing" and then share it with us- her team. When Nicole first stumbled across Head Shape Matters, it was a little intimidating- she was speaking in a language completely unfamiliar to us, and taking extra time with her guests- it wasn't a particularly appealing notion, to be honest. It didn't take long for her to iron out the kinks and we could soon see the amazing and predictable results she was getting. What was most intriguing and inspiring, however, was her EXCITEMENT about the system and her eagerness to share it with us and her guests. Whether or not any of the team felt like they *needed* to take another cutting class is beyond the point- we all WANTED to know what she knew and feel what she was feeling! That excitement and enthusiasm has not only translated into our entire staff having taken the Head Shape Matters online course (many of us planning on becoming certified this year!), but has led her down the path of becoming an educator with the system, as well. Consider it an honor and privilege to spend some time learning with Nicole- her energy is downright contagious!” - Krissy Hoier

Helen Bowden
HSM One Day Classes

My name is Helen Bowden I have been a hairdresser for 19 years, now HSM certified I have a new passion for cutting hair! I love nothing more than making my clients feel great about themselves and nothing boosts self confidence like a a haircut you love. Now it’s time to spread this incredible haircutting system across the globe Join me for a one day class in the UK soon!

Marjorie Heathcoat
HSM One Day Classes

I’ve been a stylist for 30 years and I was certified with HSM in June of 2017. I love this industry so much and enjoy learning and mentoring stylists that want to grow in the business also. I am excited to teach other stylists the Head Shape Matters Cutting System. I look forward to seeing the system spread all over the world by educating stylist to use this system and be better, more confident and consistent hair cutters.

“Marjorie was a great HSM trainer. She was easy to understand and explained the system very well. She had awesome tips that helped the learning process. I truly enjoyed learning from her” - Heather Weed

Lourdes Schaard
HSM One Day Classes

Lourdes Schaard is from Santiago de Queretaro Mexico where she received a degree in communications at Tec de Monterey, and she is the owner of Salon de Lourdes located in Okemos Michigan. With over twenty five years of experience designing hair, and a sincere dedication to continuing education throughout her career, Lourdes has performed as an educator for Douglas J Salons, Kevin Murphy, and Head Shape Matters.

Lourdes’s education in hair design is extensive, but she feels that what has made a complete difference in the way she approaches hair design and teaching is Head Shape Matters. She says that, “As a hair designer Head Shape Matters took me to a whole new level, and as a salon owner it not only simplified the way I train a new stylist, but it also reduced the amount of time that it takes to learn a new technique and implement it without making any mistakes.”

She appreciates that after the Head Shape Matters training stylist feel confident that they can implement their training right away, rather than takings months to master a new technique and leaving many unhappy clients along the way. She is “honored, grateful, and excited to be a part of the amazing Head Shape Matters team of educators.”

Kaitlyn Granger
HSM One Day Classes

My name is Kaitlyn Granger and I live in Minot, North Dakota. I have been doing hair since 2011 and found HSM in 2017. I immediately fell in love with this system in every way. The amount of confidence and ease Head Shape Matters has given me behind the chair has been a complete game changer!

I can now walk into any consultation with a smile and know that I can give my client what they are asking for! Being a younger stylist, other stylists and especially potential clients tend to look and treat you like you don’t know what you are doing. So it has been my personal goal to proudly display as much knowledge as I can to everyone that sits in my chair or works beside me. HSM has substantially added to that knowledge! Your clients will be amazed at what you are doing and, in some cases will engage with you unlike they have before because of how intriguing this method is! HSM has changed my career for the better and I can’t wait to show you how it can for you too!

“Kaitlyn was the best mentor and cheerleader during our HSM certification! I appreciate how approachable she was and so willing to help us find the answers. She taught me a very cool trick on how to find 180 using the comb as an extension of the protractor!” - Jillian Mauriello